SAPVIA partners with quality assurer Bravo Scan to validate installations

September 19, 2023

As South Africa’s solar industry gains momentum, industry body the South African Photovoltaic Industry Association (SAPVIA) has announced Bravo Scan as a partner for its Photovoltaic Green Card (PVGC) programme.

The partnership aims to usher in a new era of quality and safety in solar installations, as concerns over the quality of solar PV installations have become more common.

SAPVIA aims to address this issue by redoubling its efforts to instil public confidence, with its PVGC programme standing as an industry hallmark for quality assurance.

“The South African public has come to trust our PVGC-accredited members for solar installations that adhere to the highest quality standards,” says SAPVIA CEO Dr Rethebile Melamu.

All certified PVGC installation companies are registered electrical contractors with the Department of Employment and Labour (DEL) and employ PVGC-assessed individuals.

Bravo Scan is an approved inspection authority endorsed by the DEL.

“Collaborating closely with our new quality assessment partner Bravo Scan, we aim to further intensify the objectivity and rigour with which we oversee the activities of our certified PVGC installation companies,” Melamu states.

She explains that Bravo Scan will be integral to skills development within the PVGC ecosystem and will also assist with inspections of installations.

“This will allow us to further improve quality and compliance, making sure that we’re making the most of our abundant solar energy resources at every installation site. Bravo Scan’s endorsement by both the DEL and South African National Accreditation System gives an additional layer of credibility and authority to the PVGC,” Melamu adds.

This partnership also aspires to enlighten end-users about their responsibilities in selecting solar installation companies. Melamu urges the public to only use the services of credible solar power installation companies.

“A key goal is to bridge the knowledge gap between clients and installers, allowing consumers to make highly informed choices around which solar solutions to invest in.”

Moreover, the partnership underscores SAPVIA’s resolve to elevate the quality of solar PV installations in South Africa, assuring consumers that their investment aligns with the most stringent safety and compliance protocols and that their solar PV installations will function as advertised, standing up to the test of time.

Bravo Scan will conduct meticulous investigations and audits to ensure that solar PV installations adhere to all relevant safety and compliance standards.

SAPVIA urges suppliers and consumers to read more about the PVGC programme on its website, to take an informed step towards South Africa’s sustainable energy future.

Edited by Chanel de Bruyn
Creamer Media Senior Deputy Editor Online

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