Process To Install PV On Your Roof

Before you commit to purchasing and installing a Solar PV system, be sure to check with your electricity supplier (municipality or Eskom) for what is permitted, and if there are any specific legal requirements you need to fulfil or adhere to.

Using a Certified PV GreenCard installation company allows you the comfort of knowing that the installer is well aware of these requirements.

Selecting An Accredited Service Provider

  • As a PV GreenCard customer, you can use the certified PV GreenCard installation company database to find a service provider near you. All certified PV GreenCard installation companies are registered electrical contractors.
  • The certified PV GreenCard installation company will be able to advise you accordingly and design, install and commission your solar PV system.
  • Please Ensure that the selected PV GreenCard installation company has adequate experience in the field. The installation companies on the database have been vetted for your protection. Cross-check any subcontractors’ details with those provided.
  • After selecting the PV GreenCard installation company of your choice the installer will guide you through the installation process and will make sure that your system conforms to installation and safety standards. It is important to note that you as the customer have the ability to authorize the PV GreenCard As-Built report via a web interface.

Before Installing Your System

  • If you wish to install a grid-tied system, you will need to register and request approval from your electricity supplier (municipality or Eskom). Most municipalities that allow small scal eembedded generation (SSEG) have the necessary documentation on their website. You should not proceed with the installation until you receive written approval form your electricity supplier (municipality or Eskom)
  • After approval and contracting a service provider from the PV GreenCard database; engineering, procurement and construction of the PV system can begin. The whole procurement process including all relevant installation steps as well as important information on equipment used (such as PV module and inverter specifications) are documented in the PV GreenCard As-Built report.
  • A structural assessment may also need to be conducted by a structural engineer to guarantee that your roof can support and withstand the wind loads in the area and additional weight of the solar panels.
  • Regarding the quality of your components for the system, make sure your panels and inverter are of a good quality and are certified by international standards. NRS 097-2-1 certification for inverters is reccomended (City of Cape Town Approved Inverter List).

During Installation

  • Ensure that the certified PV GreenCard installation company and the PV GreenCard assessed installer requested through the PV GreenCard database is the installer on site to carry out the installation works.
  • It is the responsibility of the certified PV GreenCard installation company to manage the health and safety requirements of the contractors on site and ensure the correct supervision is carried out.
  • The information for the PV GreenCard as-built report will be completed partially on site and submitted online by the PV GreenCard assessed installer.
  • It is a regulatory requirement that a electrcial certificate of compliance (COC) be issued for the installation by a registered person, installation electrician or master installation electrician.

Post Installation

  • Check your PV GreenCard As-Built report via the link provided via email. The as-built report captures equipment, system design and performance information at project completion. It serves as a lifelong companion for your PV system.
  • Ensure that the original COC and any workmanship guarantees, equipment warranties and user manuals for the system are included in the system hand over pack.
  • Monitor your roof and make sure that no roof leaks have occurred as a result of the installation.
  • Monitor your roof and make sure that no roof leaks have occurred as a result of the installation.
  • If you are not happy with the installation, you can request an inspection from the PV GreenCard quality assurance partners or from an Approved Inspection Authority by RedCard-ing the Installation.

If you have a specific question, or require more information on the process and the role of the PV Green Card, head over to the PV Green Card FAQs.